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"Frontline, God's Call to Me"

I was raised a fire baptized full gospel believing Christian. As a child, there was never a thought that maybe Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the Son of God, or did he really come from the virgin birth of a young girl named Marry who prayed as many of the young girls in that day to be the mother of the Savior of Man. I believed. I had been led to the face of God and knew his power. I knew his presence. Although by will I had a choice, I didn’t long for anything other than a true relationship with God.


My father is the Pastor of Frontline Church a missionary outreach in northern Minnesota that is reaching hundreds of lives. I grew up in this church. I was a worker in this house of God. My father would say at times, “This is our family business.” And it was true in two respects. One, he was my father and I was his son and this was his area of work. My father had made his living serving the church through God’s leadership. Two, this church was also the body of believers and we are all brother and sisters and sons and daughters in the house of God.


I came to a “y” in the road in my mid to late teenage years where I had to choose if I was going to follow the call of God in my life or what path I was going to take. I knew where God had called me to become a true member in the body. It was Frontline Church. However, I struggled with that calling because my father was the pastor of the church and in turn my pastor. I was, at that time, struggling with rebellion toward my father, likewise with the church due to his leadership in the church.


Eventually, though, after a couple of years and some very tough times (it’s amazing how far people have to run before they finally decide to listen to God.). I finally turned around. I did a 360 degree turn in my attitude, in my dress, in my walk. In every part of life, I turned. I decided to follow God’s call on my life.


I became much more engaged in the church body at Frontline Church. After some time God brought me a wife. Tasha was an answer to a hearts’ secret cry. Also, God brought me back to the Church Band where I could really begin to affect people’s lives in a positive way.


I now love my church; I always have loved this church. God had placed this place deep into my heart as well as the people. This really is a true body of Christ, where people come together to serve the one true king. Everyone is looking to encourage one another in God’s Will.


God has called me to Frontline Church, and I chose to be obedient to God’s Call and Will on my life. This church has shown me that we are dealing with life and death and that we do not wrestle with each other but with spiritual wickedness. Also, this has allowed me to become a true Son of God and has allowed me to do the Father’s work.